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Posted on by Collier Law

“My wife and I would recommend Collier Law to anyone who needs a will, or has an outdated will. We had an outdated will and needed to update. We contacted Collier Law and from our first impression of the attorneys and staff, to the final signing, we were impressed with their professionalism and knowledge of what we needed. My wife and I expected a 10 page will when we went in, and ended up with a document that not only passed on our assets, but also protected our heirs from probate, and gave end of life direction that was important to us. My impression of attorneys was that they were sharks, charging for every minute so that they could pay for their fancy cars. Not so at Collier Law! We paid a flat fee that covered their time and all the documents. The fee even covers future questions and updates that may need to take place. Thank you Collier Law for peace of mind!”



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